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Our Safety & Health Culture
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Eyestone Quarry Safety and Health culture was formed on the basis of:

  • Commitment by management to this safety and health Policy, with supportive funding
  • A belief that all accidents are preventable and all industrial health hazards are controllable with foresight, relevant training, purposeful attitude and appropriate equipment
  • Accountability of management with the support of all Personnel to ensure that the workplace and practices comply with statutory license requirements and robust industry practice as a minimum standard
  • Promote and support the wellness of our people

Eyestone Quarry Mining commits to:

  • Protect the health and safety of our employees, our business partners and the public at all stages of the mine cycle from exploration to decommissioning
  • Meet or exceed applicable laws, regulations, other legal obligations in the jurisdictions we operate and follow national or international standards as applicable
  • Treat safety and health with equal importance
  • Provide employees and business partners with a safe working environment free from controllable uncontrolled hazards
  • Implement effective safety, health and security systems at all operational sites
  • Establish processes to identify, assess, prioritize and systematically control risk to the lowest appropriate level at all work areas we control
  • Ensure our employees and work partners are adequately trained to have the knowledge and competency to safely perform their duties
  • Evaluate health and safety implications in business decisions
  • Measure and monitor the safety and health performance of our operations against set objectives and targets
  • Promote initiatives that foster a culture of operating safely and pursue a Zero Harm workplace
  • Promote wellness and healthy lifestyles for our employees, business partners and in local communities